John Napoli


The artist in his Treehouse Studio with 'Untold Treasures', a work in progress.

Here you'll find the highest quality print reproductions, as well as many other fun and exciting printing formats for John Napoli's energetic, colorful, inspiring paintings, as well as a selection of photographs including those of his unique Treehouse Artist Studio.


JOHN NAPOLI has been drawing and painting his whole life. Starting as a young child, at no point has he put his pencils and brushes away. He always pursues making art with passion and commitment.

He creates Fine Art that is one with the forces of nature. Art that possess the qualities that move us in a way that only nature can. The unbridled vigor of a breezy, warm spring day, burgeoning with life energy. The mystery of a late, cool summer’s evening with skies that twist into glorious pinks, purples and oranges, and descend into the deepest blues. Capturing vast and minute forms and spaces on the earth and beyond what we visualize and comprehend with our incredible senses.

Schooled in the arts, he attended Parsons NYC, CalArts, CA and graduated from Mason Gross School of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Art. Post-graduation, with intense focus, dedication and commitment, he worked independently for 35 years to explore and develop his artistic vision.

He designed and built a Treehouse Studio to work IN nature and creates art year round in this unique environment.

The result is an amazing collection of beautiful, nature-inspired works of art and photographs that inspire and uplift, and will enliven and transform any space.



CONVERGENCE by John Napoli


BECKONING by John Napoli


The Guide by John Napoli


The Conversation by John Napoli


Sky Totems by John Napoli


Sweet Dreams by John Napoli


Early Spring with Pear Tree Blossoms by John Napoli


Color Me Tree by John Napoli


Kingdom of the Moon by John Napoli


ENTRANCE by John Napoli


Crystal Palace Fade to White by John Napoli


Crystal Palace by John Napoli


Spring Cherry Blossoms by John Napoli